Natascha van der Vegte | NAUMAC
  • 20 yrs Management
  • Pragmatic, process-guided
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Natascha van der Vegte


Natascha is driven professional with nearly 20 years’ experience in the Telecom sector, more specifically in Customer Service, Delivery, and Incident management. She has fulfilled various team leadership and managment roles in B2C and Wholesale.

She has a broad experience in production and front/back office activity management. She knows the business from bottom to top, has calmly guided numerous crisis situations, has an ability to achieve clarity in word and process, and delivers optimal results for both the organisation and the client.

Natascha’s style is characterised by her no-nonsense attitude, clarity, and result and person-oriented way of working. Thanks to her unique view and analytical capabilities, she achieves oversight in even the most hectic of environments.


  • Team manager
  • Project manager