Henk-Jan van Zadelhoff | NAUMAC
  • 15 yrs Management
  • Decisive, process-oriented
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Henk-Jan van Zadelhoff


Henk Jan is a very experienced interim professional with nigh on 20 years’ experience in the Telecom sector, who has the ability to achieve envisaged results in a short space of time.

He is by no means a stranger to roles as project, chain, operational, or line management, and has the ability to swiftly get to the core of processes in order to implement necessary changes. Working with Henk Jan means you are guaranteed a quick and satisfactory result and that any issues that arise will be tackled in entrepreneurial fashion.

His forte is seeing loose elements as a whole, integrating interpersonal factors and motivating members of the organisation to roll up their sleeves. He always opts for cooperation and has the capability to help others go the extra mile.


  • Operations manager
  • Project manager